Take Action: Here Are Four Things You Can Do Today

Wikipedia is the sixth most popular site in the world. There are reportedly 35 million articles on Wikipedia worldwide and Google appears to love every one of them.

Wikipedia is a behemoth. And this monstrosity seems untouchable!

The truth is, however, there are things you can do to fight for fairness and truth. If good people stand by and do nothing, then change will never occur. So, join us in making every effort. Here are some suggestions.

1. Never link to Wikipedia from your website.

Google gives high search engine authority to websites that have a lot of inbound links. If you place a link on your website to another website, you are telling Google to give that site more search engine authority. So, don’t link to Wikipedia.

2. Do your research elsewhere.

It’s very tempting, even though you may already know the information is not reliable, to read Wikipedia anyway. This is one reason why Wikipedia has so much power. What would happen if people just stopped visiting Wikipedia? Find alternatives to Wikipedia and use more credible sources for your research.

3. Support projects that are making a difference.

You can sign the petition that asks Jimmy Wales to place a warning label on Wikipedia. This is a disclaimer that discloses the fact that Wikipedia is not a real encyclopedia.

You can also support the Kickstarter.com project Unbiased: The Truth About the Healing Arts on Wikipedia. This proposed book will expose the lies Wikipedia editors routinely tell about alternative health and set the record straight.

4. Spread the word.

Share this website on social media and with everyone you know.

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