Take Action: Here Are Four Things You Can Do Today

Wikipedia is the sixth most popular site in the world. There are reportedly 35 million articles on Wikipedia worldwide and Google appears to love every one of them. Wikipedia is a behemoth. And this monstrosity seems untouchable! The truth is, however, there are things you can do to fight for fairness and truth. If good […]

Top 6 Things Wikipedia Health Editors Have Told Me Since Announcing the Book that Challenges Wiki Bias

By Mike Bundrant (NaturalNews) Since launching a Kickstarter campaign that challenges the bias on Wikipedia toward alternative health, I’ve received some shocking emails from Wikipedia health editors. Of course, the emails are off the record. None of these editors want to run the risk of being banned or further stonewalled in Wikipedia editing circles. However, […]

Unbiased: The Truth About the Healing Arts on Wikipedia

Why this book is so important: (KickStarter) Wikipedia is on a misinformation campaign against alternative health and the healing arts. The public needs to know it. Natural health deserves fair representation. We’re going to set the record straight. We need your help and invite you to get involved in the process. Please check the various […]

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